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Properties of paper

Paper is one of most commonly used packaging materials in the world. The main reasons for this, besides its economic purchase price, are its many usage options and its relatively simple processing. Virtually all coding techniques are suitable for printing variable information onto paper. Due to its low costs per print, the Inkjet technique is very commonly used. The porous structure of paper ensures very good oil-based ink absorption, leaving the dyes behind on its surface.

Suitable coding techniques for paper

The most economical coding methods for paper by far, are contact-coding techniques such as Rollcoders and Hot Solid Inks. These methods “stamp” the image onto the paper with an inked template. If more flexibility is required due to the frequent changing of prints, then Hi-Res Inkjet becomes the most suitable method. These machines allow changes in prints to be done digitally (by e.g. counters, dates and other label information). Finally, Markers and naturally also suited to mark paper with.

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