GraphicJet 18P



The budget Hi-Res Inkjet for 18 mm high prints

With the 18P, Kortho makes a piezo Inkjet printer available for the price of a cartridge or valvejet system. Its larger print height of 18 mm, absolute reliability and much lower consumption costs ensure that the 18P is a best seller among Hi-Res Inkjet printers in the market segment where cartridge systems are commonly used. The 18P uses an 18 mm Xaar head with pressure less capillary ink system. This prevents changing and harsh environments from affecting print quality. Like all other Kortho equipment, the 18P is also supplied with free label design software.

Features of the Kortho Graphicjet 18P Inkjet

  • Printing area of 18 x 2200 mm
  • Resolution of 185 DPI
  • Printing speeds of up to 35 metres per minute
  • Codes on cardboard (boxes) paper, metal fibres, coated surfaces, wood and synthetics
  • Codes in any direction within 180 degrees, making printing at an angle possible also
  • Compact print head casing and 60 cm of umbilical ensure simple installation
  • Its pressure less capillary ink system ensures that this printer is not affected by changing environmental conditions
  • Many ink types; oil, water, solvent or ethanol-based
  • Robust user friendly controller
  • Starts up within a few seconds
  • All common auto codes provided as standard
  • Free label designer software
  • Low consumption costs and low maintenance
  • Longest lifespan and reliability on the market
  • Manufactured from the best materials such as stainless steel
  • CE certified

Kortho-GraphicJet-HR-inkjet-70P-printen-op-karton-doos-GR Kortho-GraphicJet-HR-inkjet-printen-op-houten-deur-S Kortho-GraphicJet-HR-inkjet-printen-op-hout-1-S

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