Avoid counterfeit with unique serialization codes

Counterfeit is a growing concern for companies supplying authentic and carefully regulated products.

A secure method to ensure that a product is genuine is by printing a unique randomized and encrypted number on the sealed inner package of the product (which can naturally also be converted into a barcode).

With this code the consumer can verify the product genuinity by entering it on the official website.

Genuine check, loyalty program and special promotions

The unique serialization code is also usable for direct consumer loyalty programs and special promotions. As the unique printed code is sleeved in the inner-package the end-user can only read and check the code. A direct marketing-hit.

By checking end-users obtain full confidence in the products food safety and authenticity of the product.

Kortho genuine check integration

The unique check number is created using a centralized serialization-database with encrypted numbers generated with secret keys. This number can be printed in digits and/or in a QR-code.

Databases with the secret keys are kept save at the designated departments. The only output on the production site is an encrypted code. This code is supplied realtime while printing using remotely controlled factory IP-technology. Industry 4.0 and the benefits of centralized control in combination with TCP/IP in optima forma.

In addition to the standard standalone encoding equipment Kortho made it possible to manage her High-Res inkjet, Thermaltransferprinters (TTO) and continuous Inkjetprinter (CIJ) from a centralized Windows environment like ERP.

Kortho’s Industry 4.0

We standardized the control of all our printers so that they can be operated from any Windows system and/or software. By combining this with the openly available Nicelabel software we are able to fulfill any specific coding need with a standard package. A few of all our plug and play solutions that are standardly included are:

  • Specific solutions against wrong codings
  • Serialization of products against counterfeit
  • Automatic label templates
  • Central (ERP) control of printers
  • Safeguards against human error
  • Complete line configuration with one click of a button
  • Print directly from any database
  • Integration of external equipment (vision, weighing etc.)
  • Automatic allergen highlight
  • Automatic nutritional value calculation

Kortho and Nicelabel

Kortho is a fully certified Nicelabel Platinum and Enterprise partner. With this Platinum and Enterprise certification Kortho achieved the highest in-house knowledge level for Nicelabel software and its application.

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