GraphicJet Hi-Res Inkjet

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Kortho’s Graphicjet Hi-Res Inkjet

Under the name Graphicjet, Kortho offers a broad range of Hi-Res Piezoelectric Inkjet printers. Our latest generation Graphicjets, the X-Series, have a Windows operating system, a full color touchscreen and a Windows network driver. This allows the printer to print variable info real-time from an unlimited amount of external (ERP)databases. Because of the internal barcode generator unique barcodes can be also printed at high-speed. Many of our first generation P-Series sold in the year 2000 are still in use, a fact that highlights the durability and quality of Graphicjet printers. This fact makes Kortho’s Hi-Res Inkjets renowned for being one of the most complete and definitely the most reliable and care-free Hi-Res Inkjets in the world.

Features of Kortho Graphicjet Hi-Res Inkjet printers

  • 180 DPI resolution prints at a fraction of the price of a print & apply label system
  • Available with various size printheads that can be freely connected and exchanged with the controller
  • No moving parts in the printer guarantee the highest reliability and lowest maintenance in the market
  • Capillary ink-system ensures that changing environmental conditions do not affect printing quality
  • Ink refill can be done during printing without having to stop production
  • Broad range of models, X-Series with full color touchscreen, Windows OS and network driver
  • Unicode truetype fontsupport making the system, autocodes and keyboard available in any language
  • Made from the best materials like stainless steel guaranteeing a long lifespan and reliability
  • All parts can be replaced individually so no complete modules have to be bough when replacing one component
  • All models can code in any direction so that it is possible to print in any inclined angle
  • Free of charge label design and management software for PC and controller included
  • Capable of printing variable data directly from unlimited amount of (ERP) databases
  • Hi-Speed serialization printing of unique barcodes is possible through internal barcode generator
  • Full Loftware Nicelabel functionality support
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