Kortho Control Center (KCC)

Industry 4.0 is now a Turn-Key available Commodity

In our mission to make Industry 4.0 easy and accessible, Kortho has adapted a unique software strategy: Not only do we offer our own Kortho Control Center printer and label management software for free, but we also designed our printers to be open and omnicompatible with other third party software as well. This gives us access to the widest offering in turn-key ready software solutions that don’t first need massive custom scripting nor complex integration to work properly. Plug & print guaranteed! Making us 100% objective, and you 100% free to choose the best suited software for your specific Industry 4.0 application!

One intuitive GUI for ALL printers and Factory Layouts

Kortho Control Center allows for the simultaneous control of anywhere from 1 to 250 different Kortho printers. Just install the app on our Printerface IoT controller or a Windows device of your own and connect any Kortho printer (inkjet, TTO or other) through Ethernet. Each new printer will be detected automatically and added to the printer overview dashboard under a name that you choose. Directly ready for use without the need of any further configuration! This makes Kortho Control Center suitable for all printer control setups: From classic standalone use with one controller per printer, to full Industry 4.0 control of all printers from one central (ERP) terminal!

Very complete, versatile and Free of Charge

Despite being free, Kortho Control Center is very complete. Featuring WYSIWYG label design with a cost per print calculator and extended options to define variable fields in labels. The content in these fields can be retrieved in real-time from (ERP) databases and/or generated from protocol (PLC) commands and/or internal counters. Including a barcode generator that supports more than 113 different barcode types! Naturally all TrueType fonts can be used for text items or autocodes, and system menu’s and keyboards are available in any language you wish. But also extended functions for serialization, print job automation, diagnostics, multi-level user rights, remote support and much more are included for free!

Maximum Synergy when used with SLIMLINE network printers

Although Kortho Control Center is also perfectly suited for the standalone control of one printer, maximum synergy is achieved when controlling multiple SLIMLINE printers in a network. A coding method characteristic for Industry 4.0 that avoids manual steps by controlling printers remotely. This not only reduces (human) errors, but also makes a control box next to each printer not needed anymore. This is why SLIMLINE printers are specifically designed to operate without a (nearby) HMI next to each printer. So the more SLIMLINE printers you control with Kortho Control Center from one central terminal, the less controllers you need! Saving money and space at the production line!




  • Thermal transfer printers:
    • Kortho TT-Series: TT-32, TT-53, TT-107
  • Thermal direct printers:
    • Kortho TD-Series: TD-107
  • Piezo Inkjets Kortho X-Series:
    • X-18, X-72
  • Thermal inkjets:
    • Kortho Ti-Series: Ti-12


  • Kortho Printerface IoT (optional):
    • Windows 10, 5 USB ports, Ethernet, Wifi, 32GB memory, 10.1” full color touchscreen with 1280×800 resolution. Bracket included
  • Windows PC :
    • Windows 10
  • Windows Tablet:
    • Windows 10 with 1280×800 resolution or higher
  • Android (app version):
    • * t.b.e.*
  • IoS (app version):
    • * t.b.e.*


  • Label text:
    • Use any TrueType font or create an operator input request field
  • Label barcodes:
    • Internal generator for 113+ barcode types including various symbologies
  • Label counters/autocodes:
    • Extended functions for counters, date, shift and autocodes
  • Label custom counters:
    • Compose a custom ascii counter string by combining autocodes
  • Label images:
    • Copy any graphic or logo to the image folder for use in a label
  • Label cost per print:
    • Real time cost per print calculation of current/actual label
  • Label variable fields:
    • Update fields from databases, ERP output files and/or protocol (PLC) commands


  • Remote support:
    • Compatible with all Windows based remote desktop services
  • Real-time diagnostics:
    • Real-time scope traces off all (moving) mechanics and electronic parts
  • Health reports:
    • Download health reports through network or locally directly from printer
  • Setting restore:
    • Safe image of printer labels and settings at any time for quick restore/recovery
  • Update firmware:
    • Update firmware remotely through network or locally through printer USB port
  • Log functions:
    • View historical log of all printer notifications and/or status changes


  • ERP direct printing:
    • Select labels and/or update fields automatically upon each new ERP output file
  • Automatic print job start:
    • Quick select labels for multiple printers by scanning one barcode
  • Auto print multi-labels:
    • Print a selected sequence of multiple labels upon one single print signal
  • Auto convert to barcode:
    • Auto convert variable counters/ascii strings into a barcode before printing
  • Protocol commands:
    • Update labels, print parameters and printer settings through TCP/IP protocol


  • Central (software) visual:
    • Printer ID tiles/buttons in overview change color depending printer status
  • Central (software) text:
    • Click on each tile/button for detailed status info of the corresponding printer
  • Local (printer) visual:
    • LED strips change color depending printer status (simultaneous with software)
  • Local (printer) text:
    • LCD changes color and displays notification (simultaneously with software)
  • Remote push notifications:
    • Receive all notifications remotely on any terminal/device with notification tool


  • Multi-printer overview:
    • Up to 250 different Kortho printers can be added to the central overview
  • Auto-detect:
    • Each printer shall be detected automatically once connected through ethernet
  • Auto-configuration:
    • Printer specific interface will be automatically loaded upon detection
  • Black/Whitelist printers:
    • Black/Whitelist printers in order to hide/display them from the overview
  • Input languages:
    • Windows keyboard is utilized allowing for any input language
  • Menu languages:
    • All system menu’s and functions can be made available in any language
  • Third party software:
    • Can be used in combination with any third party LMS (Nicelabel, Bartender etc.).
  • Multi-level user rights:
    • Create multiple user profiles with custom user rights to menu’s and/or functions

*= yet to be established (t.b.e) or unlocked with future firmware releases.

2020-12: Subject to change without further notice

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