TT-series Thermal Transfer TTO

tto print on packaging materialtto print with barcode on foilthermal transfer print on plasticthermal transfer print on plastic foiltto print with barcodeThermal transfer print op plastic foil

1.800 Meters of Ribbon and bulletproof Reliability

Ribbon that breaks, wrinkles or is wound too tight and stuck on the take-up spool. Notorious TTO problems that are caused by accumulating, abrupt or too loose ribbon tension. The longer the ribbon, the worse these issues get. However with our patented SMARTFORCETM technology all ribbon problems belong to the past. This system keeps the tension equal and optimal through constant electronic regulation. Even when not printing! The result: no more ribbon issues and by far the longest ribbon on the market. Downtime due to ribbon errors and roll changes has never been lower!

Optimal Printquality under any condition

The same patented SMARTFORCETM technology is also used to electronically actuate the printhead onto the substrate. By regulating the pressure in real-time a perfect contact with the product is guaranteed under any condition. Even if the print surface is uneven, bumpy or sloped! The printhead will compensate any imperfection by flawlessly following the print surface trajectory at a constant pressure. This makes the TT-Series’ print quality completely impervious to changing, non-optimal conditions. Making it the most forgiving, reliable and user friendly TTO printer on the market!

Smart, Omnicompatible and 100% Industry 4.0 Ready

Next to offering our own Kortho Control Center LMS software for free, Kortho also specializes in being omnicompatible with as much third party label and control software as possible. This makes you free to objectively choose the best software and control method for your application! Smart, tailored and error-free coding has never been so accessible. From standalone use to full Industry 4.0 cloud ERP integration: A Kortho printer makes any custom requirement easy to implement by adjusting itself to your coding need, and not the other way around!!

Indsutry 4.0 is now a Turn-Key available Commodity!

SLIMLINE: Save up to 50% on Equipment costs

Like with our software, also the use of our Printerface IoT controller is optional. Just install our free Kortho Control Center app on any PC, server or (mobile)device and control any number of printers from there! This makes the ratio between printers and controllers 100% flexible: From an individual controller for each printer, to full factory control from one single terminal. The more centralized control, the more you save on controllers! We call this SLIMLINE™, which stands for Smart, Less Is More: Save up to 50% on
unnecessary equipment by using the infrastructure that you already have!


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