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Coding of chemical products

Coding of chemical products is controlled by strict legislative regulations. In addition, these regulations continue to expand further by new requirement standards. The need for product-repackaging, disposal, or (even worse) recalls due to coding errors come with very high costs. It is therefore essential to eradicate all possibilities for coding errors, and also to ensure a flexible label management system to which any additional label elements can be added quickly and easily, while also taking into account different labelling requirements per customer.

Industry focused solutions for coding chemical products

In addition to preventing coding errors by automating the initial coding process, additional physical checks can also be done at the end of the line by integrating checking equipment. A flexible label management system uses label templates with variable insert fields. The template can retrieve the information from a database or ERP system in real-time and/or print serialized 2D barcodes. Label changes are then possible by processing one single command for all products, instead of using separate static label files.

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