Coding in the construction industry

Coding and marking in the construction industry does not only happen during the manufacturing stage of building materials, but also (manually) on-site during actual construction work. During the manufacture of building materials, product coding is used to ensure recognition and traceability. The most appropriate coding technique for this depends on the production method and/or on the composition of materials. When marking on-site, coding is applied for detection points related to the construction process itself, or for example, for welding or sawing work.

Industry focused solutions for coding in the construction industry

Given its many materials and manufacturing methods, it is important to be able to provide the construction industry with a complete assortment of coding techniques. This includes making it possible for all printers to print directly from an ERP or central production PC. They should also be able to receive print jobs from production machines. Consider for example, intelligent extrusion, or sawing machines that transmit directly to a printer what measurement or quantity to print. This approach prevents coding errors because printers are no longer being manually programmed.

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