Coding in logistics

In the logistics industry, product traceability is a crucial factor. Error-free and efficient coding of parcels is therefore of great importance. In addition, many different types of packaging, customers and delivery addresses are involved. A possible consequence of this is that different versions of coding techniques need to be used interchangeably. This also leads to constant changes in required printing information. Therefore, apart from ensuring the prevention of coding errors, flexibility and seamless systems integration form a second particularly important factor.

Industry focused solutions for coding in logistics

Flexibility during coding and labelling can be guaranteed by having a complete range of coding equipment that are all managed by central control. This makes it possible to print shipping info in real-time directly from any warehouse management system (WMS). This can be done by an individual printer, but also by multiple printers, right across the total production line, regardless timing or printer types. This makes it possible to predefine print job parameters, which avoids the need for manual printer configuration on the production line itself.

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