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Coding in the packaging industry

Besides doing their own product packaging, manufacturers (possibly under private label) also regularly outsource this process. For both situations, a packaging line can be therefore used for a wide range of products, each with their own individual label specifications. These specifications can also further vary per customer and off course per (local) legislation. A packaging line must therefore be able to be switched fast and error-free to the next batch of products while also taking into account the varying specifications per customer.

Industry focused solutions for coding of packaging

The key to fast line configuration lies in centralizing the control of all printers. This is done by predefining all of the print job parameters per product and/or client. All printers on the production line can then be instantly configured for the next print job by just selecting the print job on the central production PC. The use of one dynamic label template will also prevent the need for many individual labels. Suppliers just provide their product information as a database. Variable label elements will be fed to the printers in real-time from these databases instead of using many static labels.

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