Our story chapter 3: Coding & Marking and why you need less equipment

Why you need less equipment

Welcome back to Kortho’s Coding & Marking “Blog”. A series of stories in which our new SLIMLINE concept is unveiled. A product design philosophy that stands for Smart Less Is More: Machines built to achieve less coding related costs through smart, non-conventional (and thus new) methods. The first chapter was about how our printers will not just save costs on classic topics like consumables, downtime and maintenance, but will also have unique features that avoid product recalls and (human) errors. The second chapter explained how we can implement any customer specific solution without needing to write expensive tailor made software anymore. So now it’s time for the third story on saving costs. This time on the equipment itself!

Now, don’t worry. This not about yet another OEM claiming to have the lowest manufacturing costs. Firstly, good equipment has a certain manufacturing cost for a reason. There’s only that much you can shave down before the quality of the machines will be effected (for example by using cheaper materials). And even though we naturally also aim for low manufacturing costs we’ll never make concessions on product quality. Ever! Secondly, and more importantly, remember that SLIMLINE is all about bringing additional and different arguments to the table than everybody else does. So what is this smart and unique way of saving on equipment then? Well……….. Simply by needing less of it.

Yes, you read it correctly: Our equipment will be cheaper because we will sell you less! And we will sell you less, because you will also need less. The key: modularity. No longer do you need to buy a complete set consisting of controller + printer if your application doesn’t need it. Due to this costs can be saved, especially in combination with “Internet of Things” centralized control. Something we have been focusing on through software for quite some years now. And so the logical next step was to also build our hardware to fully benefit from everything that centralized control and “IoT” offers. Getting curious yet?

The idea is simple: Why having to sell touchscreens, housings and other expensive parts while they are already widely available in the form of laptops, PC’s, tablets and many other devices? Use that existing infrastructure! Just download our free Kortho Control Center app onto any Windows system and control an unlimited number of coding units from there! Saving money on controllers at each production line! Naturally we will also have a touchscreen controller available, but it will be optional. So what if you still need a touchscreen next to each printer? Or maybe one every two printers? Or ten? Or forty? No problem! The difference is that with SLIMLINE hardware follows function, and not the other way around. Please see for yourself in our Internet of Things Coding & Marking video

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