Keep the Maximum Grip on your Labelmanagement

Keep the Maximum Grip on your Labelmanagement with up-to-date Data sent directly from one central ERP/WMS-location.

Managing essential data from one universal program for the entire #WMS system provides the best quality of data without possible outdated ghost-data used on local sites.
By subsequently using correct data in all processes, including label management, right down to the production line,
the #traceability and optimal quality of the labels is guaranteed.

Maximum control over the data processes prevents errors.

With #Kortho and #Nicelabel it is possible to configure the complete line automatically in one action.

Kortho offers a full range of equipment, that can be controlled from an #ERP or a central PC over the internet.
Individual manual line configuration is therefore no longer necessary.
Especially when operating with many products/labels, or when using a lot of (different kinds of)
equipment this saves a lot of time when configuring the line.

Just one click of a button is enough to configure all of the equipment for the next print job.

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