Never again wrong codings

Production companies are constantly confronted with changing coding requirements. New laws and ever changing market demands need to be constantly covered. When codings are not in compliance with these requirements great expenses can be the result. To be able to fulfil these needs companies have to rely on the (in)possibilities of printers and software. Specific coding needs are therefore always implemented with custom programming and tailor-made integration of coding equipment. Usually while having to deal with multiple suppliers. A situation that is far from ideal in an ever changing market with increasingly complex legislation and therefor coding needs. Flexibility and specific custom work after all do not go well together. Taylor made solutions are in addition expensive, unstable and are full with work-arounds that hardly ever deliver the most optimal solution. Let alone that all printers and software are directly compatible and everything can be implemented by one supplier.





































With Kortho all these problems belong to the past. We standardized the control of all our printers so that they can be operated from any Windows system and/or software. By combining this with the openly available Nicelabel software we are able to fulfill any specific coding need with a standard package. A few of all our plug and play solutions that are standardly included are:

  • Specific solutions against wrong codings
  • Automatic label templates
  • Central (ERP) control of printers
  • Safeguards against human error
  • Complete line configuration with one click of a button
  • Print directly from any database
  • Integration of external equipment (vision, weighing etc.)
  • Automatic allergen highlight
  • Automatic nutritional value calculation

As always please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have about standardizing your coding process and/or Kortho coding equipment.
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