The 100% mechanical portable printer for the most challenging environments

Apart from In-Line variations, Kortho also has a portable manual hand coder that can be used for manual product coding. This extremely economical and robust coding technique does not need any electronics or compressed air and thus works 100% mechanically. This makes the Handcoder perfect for use in work settings where there is a lot of moisture, dirt or dust.

Features of the Kortho Handcoder

  • Standard print area of 55 x 315 mm (98 x 315 mm upon special request)
  • Printing speed depends on print size
  • Codes on both porous as well as non-porous surfaces
  • Ink colours available in black, blue, red, green and white
  • Available with refillable ink system or disposable impregnated ink roll
  • Standard templates available as character set for text and/or numbers
  • Templates can be fitted with own logos/designs
  • Works without electric or compressed air supplies
  • Extremely long lifespan and economic purchase price
  • Very simple installation
  • Compact installation dimensions
  • Can be used in the heaviest of industrial settings
  • Completely maintenance free and extremely reliable
  • CE certified

Kortho-Rolcoder-printen-logo-op-eindloos-dakbedekkings-materiaal-G Kortho-Rolcoder-printen-logo-poreus-filter-materiaal-G Kortho-Rolcoder-printen-legrichting-op-achterzijde-vloerbedekking-G

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