Hot Quickcoder





The reliable budget solution for low variating prints

The Hot Quickcoder is Kortho’s own Solid Hot Ink printer and is an absolute bestseller in the German and American industry. The ink consisting of wax and pigment adheres itself to any surface and its high encoding speeds makes both intermittent and continuous coding possible. In addition, the Quick Coder characterises itself by extreme reliability, low purchase price and being completely maintenance free. Prints can be changed by exchanging the template making the Hot Quickcoder especially suited for printing fixed logos and/or optical markers after quality control or in-line product sorting.

Features of the Kortho Hot Quickcoder

  • Print area of 12 x 24 mm
  • Printing speeds of up to 250 PPM
  • Codes on materials such as paper, cardboard, metal, glass, synthetics, rubber, labels and film
  • Can be used on both intermittent as well as continuous product lines
  • Wax colours available in black, white, yellow, green, blue, red, orange, brown, purple, UV legible and more
  • Standard templates available as character set for text and/or numbers
  • Templates customizable with own logos/designs
  • User friendly controller
  • Provided with preheated wax roll holder so that printing can resume straight away when changing rolls
  • Extremely reliable budget solution
  • Extremely long lifespan
  • Can be used in the heaviest of industrial settings
  • Completely maintenance-free coding system
  • Manufactured from the best of materials such as stainless steel
  • CE certified

Kortho-Hot-Quickcoder-waxprinter-voorbeeld-stip-op-remblok-citroen--GR Kortho-Hot-Quickcoder-waxprinter-voorbeeld-EEG-logo--GR Kortho-Hot-Quickcoder-waxprinter-voorbeeld-markering-op-kabelhoes--GR

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