Hotprinter M-80




The all-round Hotprinter

Kortho’s M80 stands in the center of Kortho’s Hotprinter range. This makes this medium sized printer Kortho’s best-selling Hotprinter. Because of its common sized print area, this printer is mostly used to print scratch proof, durable logos and images onto surfaces for which a TTO printer cannot be used. For example, for printing type designations or brand logos that do not change much or for coding difficult to print surfaces. As is the case for other Hotprinters, the M80 is extremely reliable, low maintenance and its purchase price and operation costs are low.

Features of the Kortho M80 Hotprinter

  • Print area of 50 x 80 mm
  • Extremely sharp and scratch proof print images
  • Printing speed up to 300 PPM
  • Can be used on continuous as well as intermittent lines when combined with a balance
  • Codes on foil, labels, sealing clips, tags, packaging film, tough synthetics and even leather
  • Broad adjustment options related to printing pressure, printing times and template temperature
  • Ribbon colours available in black, white, green, blue, brown and red
  • Many ribbon types such as wax, wax-resin and resin
  • Can be used in the most challenging environments
  • User friendly and robust controller
  • Reaches operating temperature within a few minutes
  • Can be used with datewheel, numberwheel or an individually designed template
  • Extremely reliable and maintenance free
  • Extremely long lifespan
  • Low ribbon use through precise ribbon settings
  • Low purchase price
  • Constructed from the best of materials such as stainless steel
  • CE certified

Kortho-Hotprinter-logo-printen-met-goudfoil-op-wijnhulzen-G Kortho-Hotprinter-logo-printen-op-kunststop-profiel-voor-raamkozijn-Reha-G Kortho-Hotprinter-datumprint-op-saussachet-G

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