QiC i-series 107i

Kortho QiC-107i-280


The Thermal printer for large, hi-res printing

With a printing area of 107 x 107 mm, the 107i is Kortho’s largest intermittent Thermal printer. It has been especially developed to create prints that include more than just the small variable elements in a label. For instance, high resolution logos, but also large barcodes or product branding elements. The 107i works the same as the other QiC printers in which expensive complex stepper motors have been replaced by compressed air systems. Therefore, this printer is also characterised by simplicity and quality. Finally, the 107i is also equipped with a Nicelabel Windows driver that can provide central control of the printer from any Windows software or (ERP) system.

Features of the Kortho QiC 107i Thermal printer

  • Printing area of 107 x 107 mm
  • Resolution of 300 DPI
  • Printing speed of up to 190 PPM
  • Codes on film, labels, sealing clips, tags and packaging film
  • Ribbon colours are available in black, yellow, red, orange, white, blue and green
  • Many ribbon types such as wax, wax-resin and resin
  • User friendly TFT touchscreen in many languages
  • Starts up within a few seconds
  • Extensive graphic, text and barcode functions
  • Free label designer software
  • Equipped with Windows driver for network integration
  • Equipped with both Ethernet port as well as USB connector
  • 100% Nicelabel compatible
  • Both hard as well as software status of the printer are visible from a distance via scope tracing
  • Corner edge 12 dots print head with preheat
  • Equipped with cassette for fast ribbon changes incl. head protection
  • Low wear and maintenance
  • Extensive durability and very high reliability
  • Longest printer head lifespan on the market
  • Manufactured from the best materials such as stainless steel
  • Serialisation option via variable printing and bi-directional communication with ERP system
  • CE certified

thermal transfer print on clip Kortho-QiC-series-printsample-coderen-op-bloembolverpakking--GR

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