QiC i-series 53i

Kortho QiC-53i-280


The all-round Thermal printer

Within Kortho’s newest generation Thermal printers, the 53i occupies a central position. Its commonly used 53 mm printing range combined with simplicity and production quality ensure that this is the best-selling Kortho Thermal printer worldwide. This printer also avoids the use of fragile and expensive stepper motors by using compressed air. This printer is also equipped with a Nicelabel Windows driver that makes printing directly from any Windows software or (ERP) system possible.

Features van de Kortho QiC 53i Thermal printer

  • Printing area of 53 x 107 mm
  • Resolution of 300 DPI
  • Printing speed up to 230 PPM
  • Codes on film, labels, sealing clips, tags and packaging film
  • Ribbon colours are available in black, yellow, red, orange, white, blue and green
  • Many ribbon types such as wax, wax-resin and resin
  • User friendly TFT touchscreen in many languages
  • Starts up within a few seconds
  • Extensive graphic, text and barcode functions
  • Free label designer software
  • Equipped with Windows driver for network integration
  • Equipped with both Ethernet port as well as USB connector
  • 100% Nicelabel compatible
  • Both hard as well as software status of the printer are visible from a distance via scope tracing
  • Corner edge 12 dots print head with preheat
  • Equipped with cassette for fast ribbon changes incl. head protection
  • Low wear and maintenance
  • Extensive durability and very high reliability
  • Longest printer head lifespan on the market
  • Manufactured from the best materials such as stainless steel
  • Serialisation option via variable printing and bi-directional communication with ERP system
  • CE certified

thermal transfer print on clip Kortho-QiC-series-printsample-coderen-op-bloembolverpakking--GR

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