The Stencil template roller with its own Ink reservoir

Kortho’s Oneshot inking components have an individual ink reservoir, which avoids the need for ink pads. The roller or brush is thus directly inked from the pattern. Patterns are available with many different ink types depending on the marking surface. The rollers are available at widths of 38 mm and 75 mm.

Features of Kortho’s Oneshot inking components

  • Rollers available in 38 mm and 75 mm widths
  • Codes on porous as well as on non-porous surfaces
  • Integrated ink reservoir avoids the need for ink pads
  • Oneshot patterns can also be combined with a brush
  • Ink colours available are black, red, yellow, blue and white
  • To be used with Kortho’s Mylar or oiled cardboard templates

Kortho-Sjabloneren-op-houten-transport-kist-G Kortho-Sjabloneren-Oneshot-op-buis-N Kortho-Sjabloneermachine-N

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