U Mark Dr. Mark






The removable Paint Marker

The U Mark Dr. Mark contains erasable paint that can be removed with an alkaline cleaning solution (of PH 10+). Beyond this, its markings are waterproof. Once removed, this paint has been especially developed so that it leaves no staining on non-porous surfaces. This makes the Dr. Mark particularly suitable for marking products during quality control processes.

Features of Kortho’s U Mark A-30

  • Script size of 2 mm
  • Marks on porous as well as non-porous surfaces
  • Especially developed for temporary marking
  • Ink colours available in black, red, purple, white, green and yellow,
  • Casing with 10 ml of ink
  • Waterproof ink, removable with an alkaline solution (of PH 10+)

Kortho-markeren-op-glas-G Kortho-Coderen-op-kunststof-G Kortho-markeren-op-staal-G

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