U Mark M5






The universal Permanent Marker

The U Mark M-5 has an aluminium casing measuring 15.8 mm in diameter that contains extremely fast drying permanent ink. Its durable chisel point felt tip creates a 5 mm line thickness from its widest edge and 1.5 mm writing from its narrow edge. It is perfect for use in distribution centres, on waxed cardboard, plastic and more.

Features of Kortho’s U Mark M-5

  • Script size of 5 mm (long side) or 1.5 mm (short side)
  • Marks both porous as well as non-porous surfaces
  • Ink colours in red and black
  • Aluminium casing with 9 ml of ink
  • Extremely fast drying and permanent ink
  • Contains non-toxic waterproof ink

Kortho-markeren-op-glas-G Kortho-Coderen-op-kunststof-G Kortho-markeren-op-staal-G

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