The “gap” in TTO printers: the smaller the better!

The “gap” in TTO printers is the unused ribbon between each print. So the smaller the better! This not only prevents waste, but you can also print longer because you get more prints from the roll.

In this video the front cover of a TT-53 has been removed so that the used ribbon, and thus the gap, is clearly visible. As you can see, the prints are almost against each other! With this, our printer has the least ribbon waste of all TTO printers on the market! Combine that with the longest ribbon (1800 meters), and no other TTO prints longer and more economically than a Kortho TT-Series.

PS; the sound comes from the console, our printer itself is 100% electric and therefore virtually silent.

More info? 👉 Kortho TT-SERIES

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