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How does a Rolcoder work?

Rolcoders are 100% mechanical coding systems that can be used in-line. A rubber template with characters and/or logos is placed on a cylinder, after which the material to be printed is transported along side of it. In one single movement the template is inked and then rolled out over the product. The print is then achieved by stamping over the ink onto the surface to be printed.

Both mobile as well as in-line coding in the most challenging environments

In addition to in-line use, the Rolcoder can also be manually rolled across a product. In this case we refer to a hand coder. Because the Rolcoder consists of a 100% mechanical construction, it is an extremely reliable and robust coding technique; temperature, dust, dirt or moisture will not affect its functioning. This makes the Rolcoder a fully maintenance-free coding technique regardless of the industrial environment in which it is being used.

Applications for Rolcoders

Rolcoders are mostly used during secondary and tertiary stages of a packaging line where budget issues carry much weight and where the print does not change much. A second supporting argument is their high level of reliability and the lack of necessity for electricity or air pressure. For instance, in heavy (ATEX) environments, or in the case of hand coders on ships or drilling rigs with high level of humidity. Crates, boxes, barrels and pallets can then be easily coded. Furthermore, their extreme robustness makes Rolcoders ideally suited for use in dusty environments such as in wood, building, and/or fibre processing.

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