GraphicJet X18


The most advanced Hi-Res Inkjet for 18 mm high prints

The X-series Graphicjets, launched in 2015 are Kortho’s newest and most advanced Hi-Res Inkjet printers. Mechanically, the X-Series printers with their capillary ink system are an evolution of our tried and trusted 18P. This means no moving parts ensuring the highest reliability in the market. The X-Series printers have a Windows operating system and network driver making it possible to print variable data directly from a unlimited amount of (ERP)databases. By using the internal barcode generator high speed unique (2D) barcodes can also be printed. Thanks to the the truetype Unicode fontsupport all autocodes, keyboards and system menu’s on the 8″ full color touchscreen can be set to any language.

Features of the Kortho Graphicjet X-18 Inkjet

  • Printing area of 18 x 1500 mm
  • Resolution of 185 DPI
  • Printing speed of up to 40 meters per minute
  • Codes on cardboard (boxes) paper, metal, plastics, fibers, coated surfaces, wood and synthetics
  • Codes in any direction so that it is also possible to print in any inclined angle
  • Multiple printheads can be connected and exchanged freely on the controller
  • Compact print head casing and 60 cm of umbilical ensure simple installation
  • Capillary ink system ensures that printing is not affected by changing environmental conditions
  • User friendly 20 cm TFT touchscreen in any language you wish
  • Starts up within a few seconds
  • Extensive graphic, text and barcode functions
  • Windows based operating system
  • Equipped with Windows driver for network integration
  • Equipped with both Ethernet port as well as USB connectors
  • 100% Loftware Nicelabel compatible
  • Free label design software
  • On-screen label design and management software (no external equipment needed)
  • Low consumption costs and low maintenance
  • Longest lifespan and reliability on the market
  • Manufactured from the best materials such as stainless steel
  • Suitable for CIJ applications
  • Serialisation of unique (2D) Barcodes
  • Supports BCD protocol, RS232
  • CE certified


Printhead: Xaar 128
Printheight: 18 mm
Resolution: 185 DPI
Dropsize: 80 Picoliter
Max. print speed:: 40 meters/min
Inktank Capacity: 200 ml
Omnidirectional print direction: Yes, 180 degrees
Available Inks: Oil based (mineral free MOSH MOAH) & solvent* 
Controller TsC20: 20cm Touchscreen + Windows OS

* GrapicJet X18 SI-model

Kortho-GraphicJet-HR-inkjet-70P-printen-op-karton-doos-GR Kortho-GraphicJet-HR-inkjet-printen-op-houten-deur-S Kortho-GraphicJet-HR-inkjet-printen-op-hout-1-S

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