QiC Thermal Transfer

tto print on packaging material tto print with barcode on foil thermal transfer print on plastic thermal transfer print on plastic foil tto print with barcode Thermal transfer print op plastic foil

Kortho’s QiC Thermal Transfer printer

QiC printers are the 3rd generation TTO printers that Kortho has developed. Decades of experience as a manufacturer have allowed Kortho to come up with a top-segment printer, that offers unique technology and that is sold throughout the world. Their compressed air operation renders the use of fragile and expensive stepper motors unnecessary, and makes this line of printers stand out due to their simplicity and robust technology. Completely in line with Kortho principles aimed at making it possible to manage any coding need from the one platform, its QiC printers can also be controlled by any Windows software or (ERP) system.

Features of QiC Thermal Transfer printers

  • By using air pressure instead of stepper motors for ribbon transport and print head control, the use of fragile and expensive components can be avoided
  • In contrast to stepper motors, air pressure does not constantly use energy which leads to much lower operating costs
  • Constant monitoring of the speed and location of the print head via an encoder strip, makes the QiC the most accurate printer in the world
  • The use of a cassette makes ribbon changes a fast and easy process
  • Equipped with a very user friendly compact controller with color touchscreen
  • Manufactured from the best of materials. Its housing is made from RVS, which guarantees extensive durability and reliability
  • All parts can be replaced individually. This prevents the need for having to acquire complete modules just to replace one small component
  • Free of charge basic label design software
  • Apart from “stand-alone” use, QiC printers can also be directly integrated into, and controlled from any Windows environment, including complete support of all Nicelabel functionalities
  • Serialisation is possible via variable printing and bi-directional communication with the ERP system
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