Industrial Markers

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How do Industrial Markers work?

Industrial Markers have been especially developed for use in specific applications or for use on a specific surface. In contrast to normal markers, the industrial markers therefore vary greatly in composition. While normal markers are mostly based on ink that is impregnated into felt, industrial markers can have many types of casings and contain various carriers for ink, paint, wax or pigments.

For every marking purpose, an individually designed Marker

For markers also, we make distinctions between porous and non-porous surfaces to be marked. However, in some cases, markings may require permanent or removable marking. Also, the desired contrast can also vary in range from high coverage to invisible to the naked eye. Finally, factors such as UV resistance, form of writing or the composition of the ink will determine the kind of marker that is best suited.

Applications for Industrial Markers

Industrial Markers are by far the most widely used method for on-site marking in the workplace. For instance for marking deviations during the quality control process in the automotive industry, or for marking welding seams and building materials in metal work and construction. Finally, industrial Markers are commonly used to mark boxes and pallets during the tertiary stage of the packaging process.

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