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Properties of fibers

Materials consisting of fibers come in many forms and applications. For example, carpet or textile products. They are characterized by a very open porous structure which absorbs liquids very easily. As a result, they also absorb inks, making coding with oil-based inks very effective. If the coding runs too much, smudges or does not adhere well, solvent-based inks or inks with UV-curing properties can be used. Colored inks are a good solution for use on dark colored materials.

Suitable coding techniques for fibres

Fibers are often coded with Hi-Res Inkjet or Rollcoders. The high resolution of Hi-Res Inkjet makes high quality graphic printing (such as logos and texts) possible. Rollcoders are an economical solution if prints do not often need to change. Both techniques can be used with oil and solvent based inks. Finally, fibers can also be coded manually with Markers. These are available with inks especially developed for this purpose.

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