Centralize printer control

No more need to configure each printer individually

Kortho offers a full range of equipment, that can be controlled from an ERP or a central PC over the internet. This range includes Thermal Transfer and Inkjet. Individual manual line configuration is therefore no longer necessary. Especially when operating with many products/labels, or when using a lot of (different kinds of) equipment this saves a lot of time when configuring the line. Just one click of a button is enough to configure all of the equipment for the next print job.

Communication via the network

Print jobs are sent directly to the printer via the network. This can be done simultaneously from a single or even multiple databases, regardless of format (if needed via an ODBC connection). All Kortho Inkjets and Thermal printers have an IP address and network driver. By installing the drivers on the central system (ERP or PC), bi-directional communication is established. This allows printers not only to receive, but also to send back information such as an alarm, logging the codes or a warning if the ink or ribbon are (almost) running out.



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