Custom operator interface

Maximize the user-friendliness of your printers

Many coding errors and loss of time find their origins in non-user friendly or inefficient working methods. This includes the use of many different types of software/user menus that often have their own exotic file formats that are not compatible. This requires many time-consuming, error-prone manual “workarounds”. The solution lies in having one central screen for all printers with one single menu that only allows relevant functions to be carried out.

Completely free layout of the operator panel

All Kortho Inkjets and Thermal printers can be controlled from a single operator screen that is completely customizable. This applies not only to its layout, but also in terms of functionality and menu structure. The essential functions are pre-programmed behind the menu. Depending on your particular coding needs other features are also added of course, such as user rights, alarms or automatic checks.


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