Prevent coding errors

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No more coding errors

Product recalls or repackaging due to coding errors are very expensive. Kortho therefore has adopted a range of technologies that can be used to permanently cover any specific cause of wrong codings. In addition to avoiding mechanical issues, more and more solutions lie in the software and integration of coding equipment. This includes automating the print processes and building in checks and controls to prevent human or operational process related errors.

Complete custom solutions, but available from stock like a standard product

Kortho goes beyond “just” supplying coding equipment. This as the printer is just one aspect of the solution. Because all the protocols of our printers are standardized and open, they can be integrated directly into any existing production environment. This includes the use of external label software, ERP connections or integrating (visual/weighing) control equipment. Al this can be done modularly and on-demand, allowing us to deliver an off the shelf standard solution for any specific coding error.











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