Intelligent labeldesign


Replace many static labels by one single dynamic template

Where previously a private static label image was used for each individual product, it is now possible to use one single label template with dynamically varying fields. The changing content of the labelfields is hereby fed in real time from databases during printing and/or from internal printer functions (dates, counter etc.). Label changes therefore no longer need to be made manually and individually, but can be done all at once for all products by altering the template.

Automatic highlighting of allergens, calculating nutritional values and scaling of text

Beside drastically reducing the number of individual labels, a template also makes it possible to include automatic functions. For instance, automatically detecting and highlighting allergens, calculation of nutritional values or the larger/smaller scaling of elements if they threaten to exceed the printing area. These functions are applied in real time in the labelstemplate while printing. The database from which the basic information is extracted therefor doesn’t have to be altered in any way.




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